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Our songs give students an "easy way out" and virtually eliminate boredom and frustration when it comes to memorizing lessons from school or home by incorporating the information into current, popular musical compilations. All this in a format that is easily accessible to teachers and students alike.

What's included?

When you download an album or a song, you are entitled to an interactive, color-coded and illustrated PDF document containing the song lyrics and quick explanations. Tablet-friendly digital copies of lyrics are available for those who download StudyTunes mp3's from our site, iTunes or Amazon. StudyTunes can be an additional resource for those who have already been taught the information, or a stand-alone musical tutor. The songs themselves are designed under the assumption that the material has been explained to the student, and they simply need help memorizing it. See the Download and/or FAQs page for details.


StudyTunes is a teacher-developed educational entertainment company. Our goal is to educate everyone who wants to learn. We do this by providing educational instructional services, audio recording services and composing music for others. We provide these services for individuals, educational institutions and business entities of all types.

Better than other educational CDs out there

The material in our songs is pulled directly from blueprints of high school exit exams. It's not just fun, it provides preparation and shortcuts for an extensive educational career. Whether combined with more basic learning, or presented long after you outgrow the kiddie stuff - StudyTunes makes complex information relatable and retainable.


When PDF lyrics are opened in iBooks, learners can quiz themselves with the interactive reviews after each explanation.


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