StudyTunes Artists

The talented people who sing StudyTunes songs.

All musicians know that music is important for learning. Here are two of them who lent their talents to StudyTunes.

Joseph Mellerin

Influences: Hip hop, Electronica, Disco, Funk, Jazz.

Joseph started sight-reading and playing multiple instruments when he was 8 years old. When he was 14, he sold his saxophone to buy himself a bass so he could play in a rock band. After working on several projects (including Candide, Sextet, and Soren Stijj Pentet), Joseph moved to Paris to join the jazz conservatory and the CRR (classical orchestra). His 4 years in Paris allowed him to participate in numerous jam sessions and work with several bands. In 2012, he moved to Tours, France to join the other members of his band, Caïman Philippines. He graduated from the music school Jazz in Tours. While continuing to work with Caïman Philippines, he contributes his musical, singing and rapping talents to groups like Tigah, Martine on the Beach, Seven Heaven, Machines, and Assad.


Influences: Trip-hop, experimental pop, melancholic folk.

Even as a baby, she was surrounded by music: Nasta’s parents listened to albums by Massive Attack, Archive, Portishead, Morcheeba, and even Bjork on loop. After 3 years in Arizona, she started teaching herself piano and guitar in her native France. She refused to have a tutor and couldn’t stand music lessons, preferring to study her favorite songs by ear until she decoded the notes. She studied in Dublin, where she wrote English poetry and started a folk cover band. After that, she came back to France and worked on several projects including ODG, Metastaz, C-Zaire, and Divine Paiste. She decided to write and play music full-time and today enjoys success in the band Thé Vanille and collaborates with Pierre Mottron among other artists.

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