Little Genius Mix

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This particularly catchy and easy-to-listen-to mix is a no-brainer for younger ears, arranged to avoid over-exposure to any one subject. These songs were hand-picked from the StudyTunes catalog especially for Pre-k - 6th grade learners... but when they start singing along to facts about, say, nitrogen fixation, they'll sound like graduates. Remember: lyric documents come with your CD, and it's all free shipping.

1. 6x Table:

Quick! What’s 6 times 9? Memorize your times tables…the sooner, the better! Here are the answers to 6 times 2, up to 6 times 10.

2. Parts of Speech:

Everyone should know what a verb is. That definition, with usage examples, is included along with articles, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, subjects, objects, and possessive adjectives.

3. Nitrogen Fixation:

Describes the purpose, process, and end result of nitrogen fixation in nature.

4. 7x Table:

From 7 times 2 to 7 x 10. A different melody helps keep these multiplications distinguishable from the 6 and 8 multiplication songs.

5. Spanish Days of the Week:

Starting with Monday, this song repeats the days of the week in order, as well as the Spanish translation of “the days of the week,” (“Los días de la semana”).

6. 8x Table:

From 8 times 2 to 8 x 10. A different melody helps keep these multiplications distinguishable from the 6 and 7 multiplication songs.

7. Angles and Lines:

How many degrees does a right angle have? What kind of lines meet to form a right angle? How many degrees to complimentary angles form? And supplementary? What kind of division does a bisector make? This song answers lots of questions about angles!

8. Spanish Months of the Year:

Using the same approach as the days of the week song, this song is only in Spanish.

9. Red and White Blood Cells:

What do they do? What color is hemoglobin… and why? Understanding doesn’t have to be hard or take hours, just a quick listen or two to this song.

10. Angiosperms vs. Gymnoperms:

Is a flowering plant a gymnosperm? Don’t be left guessing, master the concept with plenty of examples listed in this song (p.s… the answer to that question is No).

11. Quadratic Formula

Solving quadratic equations doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to mean googling the formula. Memorize -b±√b2 – 4ac/2 and be on your way to mathematical greatness.

12. South American Capitals:

Name of country followed by name of capital. Great for those studying Spanish or just wanting to know more about the world, this song will leave you knowing the capital of each of the 14 countries in South America.

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