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1. Basic greetings:

How to say hello, how are you, what is your name, my name is, and responses that these phrases may bring about.

2. Counting 1-21:

No English is spoken in this rap with melodic background. The song starts with number one and continues until 21, giving the listener an introduction to the logic of French counting.

3. Days of the week:

Starting with Monday, this song repeats the days of the week in order, as well as the French translation of “the days of the week,” (“Les jours de la semaine”).

4. Months of the year:

Using the same approach as the days of the week song, this song is only in French.

5. Subject Pronouns:

The basis of all conjugation, subject pronouns are critical in deciding which form of any verb that should be used. I, you, he, they, and more are repeated in French, with their French spelling and English translations. Examples of usage are included for each.

6. Être:

The verb être means “to be,” and just like the English verb, it must be correctly conjugated in order for your French to be understood. French pronunciation is repeated, along with English translations and usage examples.

7. Avoir:

Another conjugation song, the same approach is used to perfect usage and pronunciation of the verb “avoir,” which means “to have.”

8. Aller:

Another conjugation song, the same approach is used to perfect usage and pronunciation of the verb “aller,” which means “to go.”

9. -ER verbs:

Once you know the correct endings for –ER verbs in French, you can conjugate hundreds of verbs. Certain letters apply to each pronoun; this song helps you remember all the little details.

10. -IR verbs:

Slightly less common than –ER verbs, -IR verbs are still very present in French. Make sure you know how to spell each usage by listening to this song, specifically for [finir, choisir] type verbs.

11. -RE verbs:

Knowing –RE verbs is much more manageable when you know how to spell the specific conjugations. This song makes the memorization easier to handle.

12. French negation

The ne – pas configuration for making things negative is far from natural for English speakers to master. Be an expert in saying “not, won’t, don’t, never, neither, nor”… and more in French with this negation song.

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