Math, Social Studies and English

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1. 6 times table:

Quick! What’s 6 times 9? Memorize your times tables…the sooner, the better! Here are the answers to 6 times 2, up to 6 times 10.

2. 7 times table:

From 7 times 2 to 7 x 10. A different melody helps keep these multiplications distinguishable from the 6 and 8 multiplication songs.

3. 8 times table:

From 8 times 2 to 8 x 10. A different melody helps keep these multiplications distinguishable from the 6 and 7 multiplication songs.

4. Quadratic Formula:

Solving quadratic equations doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to mean googling the formula. Memorize -b±√b2 – 4ac/2 and be on your way to mathematical greatness.

5. Angles:

How many degrees does a right angle have? What kind of lines meet to form a right angle? How many degrees to complimentary angles form? And supplementary? What kind of division does a bisector make? This song answers lots of questions about angles!

6. Domain/Range:

Y = mx +b… but what do those letters stand for? Those answers, plus explanations for y-intercepts, slope, and more in an extremely catchy song with melodies behind rap.

7. 50 states:

All fifty US states, rapped in alphabetical order. Every American should know their states! Could you list them all without turning to a book or computer for help? This rap makes it easy.

8. Ancient Greece/Rome:

A rhythmic lesson about the extent of Alex the Great’s empire, important dates for the Roman Empire, and the type of government Rome was famous for. No studying required.

9. South American Capitals:

Name of country followed by name of capital. Great for those studying Spanish or just wanting to know more about the world, this song will leave you knowing the capital of each of the 14 countries in South America.

10. U.S. History 1492 -1865:

Even if history isn’t your favorite, the best way to manage the ups and downs (and specific dates!) in American history is also the easiest: hum along to the catchy song until you get the words. Covers Columbus landing in the Bahamas in 1492 (and what he was originally looking for) all the way through the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865.

11. Parts of speech:

Everyone should know what a verb is. That definition, with usage examples, is included along with articles, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, subjects, objects, and possessive adjectives.

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